South, King County, WA

North, King County, WA

Pierce County, WA


All Services Locations are served under the same price guide line.

Industry guide lines:  Dump fees are calculated based on weight that is being picked up by a service provider.  Service provider’s task is to estimated the cost of the disposal upon examination of the load.  Average price per pick-up truck load (Chevy, Ford or Dodge, full size, 8 foot long bed)  is around $145 but is not limited.  Heavier loads cost more to dispose of and price varies directly based on how heavy the load is.

Charges include Dump, labor and other applicable fees, tolls, surcharges, and taxes.

Variable Rate:  $145/ pick up load  

Minimum Rate: $75/ single item pick up, up to 350lb

Prime Time:  This feature is under development and there are no multipliers active at this time.


Cancellation policy.

This feature is still under development.  In situations when an appointment is cancelled, with in an hour of the appointment time or when the service provider is already on the way to the location, a late cancellation fee might be charged to your account to reimburse the service provider for the time and gas he spent.  The fee is in the amount of $22 and would be charged to a card set up as a payment method.  The charge is made by the request of the service provider, please contact your service provider.